Basic Stats:

  • What is your name? Christina VanPelt
  • What do you do for a living? Just graduated from College in Graphic & Web Design, so job hunting!
  • How many people do you/will be living in your tiny house?  Just me!
  • What part of the country do you live in? Greenville, South Carolina
  • How many square feet is your house? Right now, around 240 sqft.
  • When did you start your build? July 2014, but camper deconstruction has been ongoing since January 2014
  •  Is your house complete? Nope!
  • Have you been documenting your tiny house build and if so, where can people find that information? Yes! This blog. (:


  • Why did you decide to build? Budgeting for a freelance designer life, the appeal of reducing my carbon footprint.
  • What was your life like before your tiny house?  Were you fairly active, have you always had ‘projects’ going on?  Were you fairly sedentary and looking for a change?  Did you tend to work too much? I’m an avid DIY-er. I love doing things for myself, whether it’s fixing, upgrading, or creating something.
  • How did you come to hear about the movement, figure out it was right for you and and get started? I had seen random pictures on tumblr, but I really didn’t become interested in it until it just so happened that a friend and I walked into one of those “pre-made” sheds/barns outside of Home Depot. Once we walked around in that space, it really was inspiring and I said to myself “hey, this is actually a feasible space to live in.”


Rest of the survey, TBD!


  • How do/did you find the time to work on your house with a job, kid(s), relationships, AND building a house?  Did you do anything special to keep the balance?
  • Have you run into any problems with your local codes? How did you solve them?
  • Where did you get the tools that you use?  Were they yours, borrowed, rented etc.?
  • How long did (are you expecting) construction to take?
  • Have you/were you able to stay on schedule?
  • What is/was the most time consuming portion of your build?
  • What is/was the most limiting factor for your build?
  • Is your house on a trailer? If yes, how do you attach to the trailer? How do you move your tiny house? (Do you have a truck, do you hire it done?)
  • Do you have accessory houses/dwellings that you use to supplement storage/working/living?
  • Where did you get your plans?
  • Have you consulted any ‘professionals’? (structural, mechanical, plumbing, design etc.)?
  • Are you insuring your house?  With who?
  • Have you been using any sponsorships to help fund your house?  How do you go about finding that sponsorship?


  • What sort of items do you have for cooking?
  • Are you tied to the power grid or are you off grid?
  • Are you going to have a washer and/or dryer?
  • Where does your water come from?
  • What kind of toilet are you going to have?
  • What do you use for a heat source if anything?
  • What are some of the space savings tricks you used?
  • What do you have for insulation?
  • Where are you planning to park your tiny house?


  • How much will/did your tiny house cost?
  • What is/was the most expensive part of your house?
  • ‘Best’ injury story (worst injury)?
  • What has been your biggest accomplishment with your tiny house?
  • What is/will be the biggest benefit to living in a tiny house?
  • Is there anything you’ll miss about living in a standard house?  What will you miss the most?
  • What has been the scariest part about building your own house?
  • If you could change one thing about your house what would it be?
  • Did you have cash in hand to complete your build, pay as you go or take out a loan to construct your house?
  • Have friends and family been skeptical or supportive of your ideas?
  • Is there anything else you would want other people to know about your house and build?

(Form is from Macy at Mini Motives.)