Very delayed update!

Wow! I can’t believe its’ been since late June that I’ve last updated on progress.

Here’s a short overview of what’s been happening:

  • I got a job! I work for a small marketing company in downtown Greenville. It’s really the best thing ever, I do magazines, ads, and websites. I love my job!
  • I’ve been squirreling away building supplies, my proudest purchase has been 7 (and a half) double paned windows for $75. Such a good deal!
  • And the biggest news is that I recently bought a small plat of land in Greenville! I wasn’t sure I’d be able to afford to own land yet, which was a basis in building on a trailer. But now, I’m re-thinking all of my plans and considering building a permanent tiny house structure.

So yeah, it feels like I’m basically starting from scratch…

Whatev, no big deal.

But I’m not really starting from scratch. A lot of the things I’ve learned can apply to both a tiny house on wheels and permanent foundation.

Some things I’ve been considering:

Figuring out if I want to be on the grid or not. Is it worth the money to get a pole and meter put on the land? The downside to getting on the grid, is I have to turn in permits and plans. I was hoping to do everything under the radar, as far as the county zone codes goes.

This isn’t too problematic, because like many other tiny house builders, I’ve found that my tiny house can be permitted within local code. It’s called a “Temporary Accessory Dwelling” and it works perfectly with your land’s zone class (R-10). Greenville County does not have a specific definition for “temporary,” therefore I could live in my tiny house every day of the year, except for one day, and it still be deemed “temporary.” The only code requirement being that it does not have “kitchen facilities,” which consists of a range top, refrigerator, and piped water sink. And I think if I only have 2 out of 3 of those things, it doesn’t count as a full “kitchen facility.” Which is perfect, since I wasn’t planning on having a refrigerator ASAP.

So, right now, I’m considering going ahead and investing in an off grid solar panel and battery system. Because I’ve got to have some way to run my power tools for building.

And on that note, I’ve been considering either buying a pre-fab shed, or paying someone to do the foundation and basic framing. The downside to those two options are numerous: the builder requires a solid power grid for tools, and pre-fab structures are usually cheaply built.

My absolute favorite option of a pre-fab is the Summer Wind model by Classic Manor Builders. It has an upstairs (yes, with actual stairs!). It’s actually the shed I walked into at Home Depot, and envisioned making it a house. Most Home Depots I’ve seen have this model on display, so it’s pretty rad.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll update soon on progress and what I decide on.
Thanks for reading!

ty, ty, ty


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