Fundraising Fun

As of 30 seconds ago, I’m venturing into my first fundraising for Reclaimed Roost, a T-shirt Campaign!


The T-shirt was designed by me! And I chose Fabrily because they are perfect for raising funds, without the risk of losing money.

Basically, if the goal of 50 people is met, then the shirt goes into production and is shipped. If the goal is not met, there is no harm or no foal. The people who signed up for the t-shirt are not charged, and everyone still has their money in hand! If the goal is met/exceeded, the shirts are made, and sent out and everyone is happily clad in a wicked Tiny House t-shirt.

Also, Fabrily takes care of shipping, and production, which is amazing because it means t-shirts are shipped directly to who buys them, meaning they get there faster, and leaves me time to work on my house!

I’m super excited though!
Here’s the link to the campaign!

I’m hoping to use this as a bit of hype, as well as a trial run before I launch my IndieGoGo.
So keep your fingers crossed this campaign is successful, and buy a shirt if you like!

Thanks for reading! (:


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