Catching Up & Moldy Pallets

So far, I’ve been quite busy catching up on life.
I just finished the busiest semester of my life (finished with all A’s though), and haven’t had much time to do work on my tiny house. I have been gathering and gathering supplies though! That’s gotten WAY easier, because of my new (to me) truck.


Isn’t she a beaut?


I figured out how much it would cost me to rent a truck, or pay someone to haul all the supplies I need to get, and decided that it’d just be easier and cheaper to buy my own old truck.
This also means I’m more independent, and reliable about picking up supplies. There’s only so many times I can beg the same people to drive all the way out to my house.

I’ve been collecting as many pallets as I can and in any shape, so if you see or know of any in the Greenville/Anderson area, please let me know!




The one issue I’m having though, is some of the pallets that are handed down to me are a bit moldy.
Does anyone have any experience with this?
I know that mold can damage the structural integrity of wood sometimes, but I think/hope my mold is just on the surface.




Close up shot of my moldy pallets.



I was thinking of trying a white vinegar solution, because that kills mold naturally. Then possibly sanding down the surface just to see if that helps.

That won’t be done though for a little while. My next step is to sand down my trailer frame, test for structural integrity, and re-paint it with rust-proof paint.
I’ve got plenty of sandpaper and (I think) paint, but I just need to schedule myself the time to do this between job hunting, taking care of my grand parents, and freelance work.
It’s always like finishing one thing doesn’t free up my time, it just get’s taken up by more things to do!
Any tiny house people have prioritization advice? (:

General opinions, or thoughts are also really great too!

I’ve been working on my plans, and I’m almost to the point where I’m comfortable showing those off publicly…
As always, my Instagram and Twitter are more active, and have more sneak peaks of projects as I work on them.

Thanks for reading! Look forward to things picking back up, and becoming more active now that I’ve graduated!
Oh yeah… I forgot to mention that. I totally graduated everyone! I’m looking for a REAL job in Graphic or Web Design, so let me know if you hear anything on that end too!
Here’s my Portfolio & Resume just in case!


One thought on “Catching Up & Moldy Pallets

  1. Hi you! Congratulations on graduating!! Thats a big deal! As far as the pallets I did use them extensively and I WAS going to use them more extensively but some of the things I leaned along the way made me think twice about that. Here is what I learned in a condensed version:

    Most pallets are treated chemically, with very toxic chemicals. Some are treated with water based materials but even those are sometimes used to carry very toxic materials, unless you know the pallets were treated with the water based materials AND know that they were not used for transporting toxic goods I would definitely NOT use them indoors where you sleep and live as they will offgas those chemicals right to you. I had planed to use them indoors but decided completely against this in the end because of this information.
    Second, pallets are generally created using ‘d grade wood, meaning all the leftover stuff that is not structurally sound to be used for other purposes. I am not sure how you are planning on using your pallets but I would not suggest them being used in anything requiring much ‘structure’.
    Third, several of mine were moldy and o covered in various animal poo. I bought a planer and sent them all through it. In almost every single case it was only on the top level and one run through the planer took it all off. Since it was an exterior use and non structural I was ok with that. If after all of that you still want to use them indoors and are concerned about the mold your vinegar solution sounds like a great idea to stat at. :) Let us know how it goes!

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