Update You Bookmarks!

If you have this WordPress bookmarked, be sure to change the link to ReclaimedRoost.com

I’m going to attempt to move this blog off of the limited hosted version of wordpress.com to an Open Source self-hosted version. Hopefully this integration will be simple and clean, and if you follow me via the WordPress network (I think) nothing will change for you.

The only thing that will change is my web address! So update those bookmarks to ReclaimedRoost.com !

Additionally I’ve been working on a Reclaimed Roost Logo, of sorts. I’ve designed and ordered “business cards” to hand out as I try to spread the word about my project. Here’s my design below…

Reclaimed Roost Business Card Front and Back

Reclaimed Roost Business Card – Front and Back

I also designed a matching letterhead set for future “Thank you” letters!


Letterhead, Envelope, and Business Card Designs

I’ve already implemented my Design into my Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Twitter Screen Capture

Twitter Screen Capture

I want to integrate this logo and design into my blog when I switch over to the Open Source WordPress. So don’t be freaked out if you come to my blog one day and there’s no more camper to be seen! That thing is long gone, and I need to move forward with my tiny house design instead of just showing that old rotten camper.

Thanks so much to everyone who’s been keeping up! Things are picking up now that I can go outside and not feel like an ice cube! Yay for Spring!

More soon on Recycling in Greenville, and trailer frame work.


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