Accidental Hiatus Apologies

I swear, I haven’t given up!
I have not abandoned this project!
I’m still here!
I’m still w o r k i n g !

Since classes started in the second week of January, it’s been difficult trying to find the balance between classes, my work, and Tiny House things.
Since my work right now coincides with my Final Portfolio class, Tiny House stuff has fallen to the waste-side.

However my busy schedule is just re-enforcing within myself even more that I need to move forward with my Tiny House.

One thing that makes my schedule so difficult is the amount of time spent on the road. From my house to campus can take anywhere between 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 mins. Doing that twice a day, 4 days a week really adds up not only with time, but also gas (but thankfully my little Honda gets an average of 45 mpg ).

My Honda Civic DX Hatchback

I do love my little Poké Ball Car <3

Just this week I experienced waking up, driving to class in the dark (before the sunrise), staying all day on campus, and driving back after the sun has already set. I really did not like that. Even though I got a lot done on campus, it just felt even more tiring not even *experiencing* the day. Especially when it was supposedly a nice, sunny day out.

So yeah. Tiny House is always close to my mind. Especially when I’m driving and imagining how nice it will be for my house to be based on my geographic travels, instead of my geographic travels being based on my house.

That being said, I’m going to start scheduling myself. Which feels like a silly and ridiculous ~adult~ thing to do, but it must be done so I don’t fall behind on every project. Anyone have suggestions for apps, calendars, or whatnot? How do you keep a schedule?

Oh and deconstruction mega post coming soon! I’ve been updating more on Instagram then anything, so look me up on there @ReclaimedRoost


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