Weighing the Options: Mobile vs Planted Tiny House

One of the first great internal struggles I had was figuring out if I wanted a moveable or planted Tiny Home.

So here’s some of my thought process:

  • Tiny houses on Wheels are limited by size, weight and codes.
  • Planted Tiny Houses could be bigger and have more potential room built on later.
  • Tiny houses that are Planted require land. (And I don’t own land.)
  • Tiny houses on Wheels could have RV hookups and easier off the grid systems included.
  • Planted Tiny Houses will most likely require a water well, electrical hook ups and more depending on what area they’re planted in.
  • Planted Tiny Houses will be as much work as a Tiny House on Wheels and cost a TON more if I need to move it off of the land.
  • Tiny houses on wheels would enable me to Freelance wherever I want. I could move to where a job is, and not be held down by area.

There’s many more issues and concerns that went into my decision, but as you can see the biggest concern was location.
I’m not sure if I want to settle down in Greenville, Asheville, Charlotte, or somewhere else.  So the obvious choice for me was to build a Tiny House on Wheels.

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