So what sparked this adventure is a random day out with my friend, Stephanie. We went to Home Depot for some DIY supplies for her livingroom. After we walked out, I asked her to drive across the parking lot to take a look at some of those pre-made sheds / barns. When we walked into the biggest one, I immediately said to myself “Hey, this is possible.” The space wasn’t that big, but there was r o o m to live in. The two of us walked around upstairs and downstairs and planned how someone could easily live in this space, in a shed.

Ever since that moment I’ve been obsessed with tiny houses. The tiny house movement is HUGE (ironically) and it only takes a simple google search to find tons and tons of tiny houses being built. Of course the most popular stop is Tumbleweed.

A tiny house on wheels.

The Elm by Tumbleweed.

Tumbleweed has some gorgeous houses. But I quickly figured out this wasn’t the route I could take. There’s nothing wrong with them! They’re fantastic, but they’re just outside of my price range. But another popular stop on this tiny house movement is Tiny House Blog. This is a great place for general tiny house updates and cool projects.

But where I really fell in love was Fair Companies‘ YouTube Videos. They have amazing tour videos that I can just sit and watch for hours. And I’m notoriously bad for not being able to watch anything on YouTube. It’s just physically impossible sometimes for me to sit and watch a music video or whatever. But I was so hooked!

One of my absolute favorite videos is of this amazing single mom, Lulu,  who built a home for herself and her daughter.

Watch the video here.

Part of Lulu’s interview, a shot showing this inside of the container home.

I know it doesn’t look pretty. But it functions. And this woman’s nature is just so… frank. And real. I just really love her approach to life in general. She’s such an inspiration.

Another inspiration is Jenine Alexander. She’s built several tiny houses by now, and I always enjoy watching her tiny house interview videos because of her simple, and casual approach to building. She’s also amazing because of all the recycling, re-using and reclaiming she does to build her houses.

A picture of Jenine in her tiny house.

But if you really want to get into recycling, reclaiming, and re-using, by far, the most adamant and reliable source is Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, author of Humble Home, Simple Shacks (a book I hope to buy soon). Deek has TONS of videos, whether they’re interviews, tiny house tours, how to’s, show offs, and simple ideas. This guy just puts out soooo much useful information on his blog Relax Shacks.

And finally, my main inspiration is Macy Miller at Mini Motives. When I saw her tiny house on wheels, I was absolutely smitten. How could you not be?!

Macy’s Tiny House completed.

Her house is absolutely gorgeous. And she totally emailed me back within 5 minutes of me asking her a question. She’s basically amazing.

So that’s it. These are my main inspirations. These businesses and people have pushed me into taking the next step in building my own tiny home.

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