Why are you doing what you’re doing?

I want to build a tiny house.
I want to design, and create my own space.

But why?

The biggest swaying factor of my Tiny Home endeavors comes down to simple numbers.

The average American family spends HALF of their income on housing. (1)

Graph provided by cbpp.org

The average House / Apartment in Greenville, SC to rent is $500-$800.
That’s at least $6000 a year on a space to live that you don’t truly own.

I want to be a Freelance Graphic and Web Designer. Ideally, I’d love to not worry about my rent or mortgage, especially when I’m not 100% sure where each job will (and when) be coming.
And I know I can’t avoid every cost of living bill, but not paying $500+ in rent for a few years would be really amazing. (Just think – in 5 years I’ll have saved $30,000.)

Another huge factor is my personal carbon footprint on this Earth.

The average American has an annual material footprint of 25 Tons. (2)
One metric tonne of CO2 is approximately 35 Toyota Camrys. (3)

A Toyota Camry.

So my goal is to re-use, recycle, and re-purpose the majority of my materials.
My numerical goal is currently to use 90%+ of recycled, reclaimed, or re-purposed materials. As I design and start diving into the construction of my home, we’ll see how realistic that number actually is!

(3: thegreeneconomy)

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